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Responding to climate change is our biggest opportunity for the species to evolve. I explore solutions and help to share the positive stories that we need to motivate and guide.

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Director, ReSpace Projects

October 2015 - Current

A not-for-profit set up to address issues of waste and inequality.

ReSpace is developing a system for a network of community spaces; once disused buildings that have been transformed into vibrant hubs for positive change. These have an immediate practical impact reducing society's waste from reaching landfill - and extending the life of materials through creative up-cycling. Projects are environmentally and socially focused - with these sorts of activities and events being given priority access to space.

My role mainly concerns:

Ethical operations 

Environmental issues 

Community empowerment 

Communications and Strategy


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Community Energy London Officer, Repowering

October 2017 - April 2019

Community Energy London is a not-for-profit network supporting the local energy transition to a system that is clean, green, fair & decentralised. My role was to co-ordinate these efforts on behalf of member groups, communicate sectoral news and promote CEL achievements, map community energy activity - as well as to support the development of capacity within the sector.


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January 2012 - current

Writing on social, environmental and cultural issues, as well as travel stories. Publications include local and national newspapers, as well as print and online magazines. Other work includes an independent feature script, poetry and social commentary.

Ecohustler: various articles

Drinks International: Vintage vodka feature

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January 2012 - Current

Presenter, journalist, director, occasional producer, shooting and editing where need be. 

Portfolio includes documentaries, story-telling and promotional material for small charitable groups and businesses

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Educational experience

September 2016 - September 2017

Masters in Energy & Environmental Change, University of Westminster - Distinction

- Global politics of energy and environmental change

- International energy and climate change law
- Strategy and policy: energy and sustainability 
- Environmental change and transition to a low carbon society 
- Planning for urban risk and resilience  


Strategic Sustainable Development, Blekinge Institute of Technology

This was a three month online 'taster' of a Masters course available, with a group project to create a route map for more sustainable tourism in mountain resorts.


Field research: India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Morocco

Travelled on a shoe-string, worked with various communities and explored the concept of 'sustainable' tourism, ecological and cultural preservation.

September 2004 - July 2007

BA English Language and Linguistics, University ofWales, Swansea - First Class

- Psycholinguistics
- Discourse Analysis
- Field Linguistics
- Language Acquisition

About: Education
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